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Welcome to my technology blog. My name is Kat, and I have been an avid fan of technology for years. In my professional life, I am a restaurant owner, but I have dabbled in everything tech-related from building computers to online marketing to basic programming. In this space, I want to focus on brilliant innovations in technology. When I am not at the restaurant with my husband, you can find me curled up with my kids watching videos on their tablets, checking out new video games on our favourite consoles or other tech-related entertainment. Get comfortable, and explore these posts. I hope they inspire you to learn or do new things with technology.



Brilliant Advances in Technology: A Tech Blog

4 Top Reasons to Consider Installing CCTV Systems for Your Business

Are you in business and you want to have total control of your operations? If so, consider installing CCTV systems. By keeping your stock safe, ensuring your employees are doing the right thing at the right time and protecting your business from intruders, CCTV systems are perfect for your business. This system gives you the ability to know what is happening in your business at all time, whether you're around or not.

Important considerations when adding data cables to your manufacturing plant

In modern manufacturing facilities, there's a need for maintaining connectivity between various machines and departments within the business. In fact, smart factories now rely on data cabling to transmit and receive data in real time from the internet, administrative offices and other interconnected machines. Data cabling for manufacturing plants is different from the cables you would expect to see in a regular office or data centre. While data cables in offices are protected, cables running across the factory floor are subjected to harsh environments.

How to Choose Headsets for Your Team When Only the Best Will Do

No business can survive today unless its team members are good at communication. Your team may rely on making that initial contact over the phone and they must be highly trained in the art of closing, as they build rapport and cement those deals. However, you need to provide your people with the right equipment if they are to perform at their highest level, and no piece of gear is more important than their headset.

Commercial Security Systems: Do Surveillance Cameras Really Deter Burglars in Retail Stores?

In today's age where all sorts of security systems with advanced technologies have emerged, it is overwhelming to choose the best equipment for your business. What's more, some security systems' capabilities may be exaggerated, and you may be left wondering whether to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on them. So, if you own a retail business, you may be wondering whether it is worth it to install surveillance cams as part of your security management.

Three Steps To Building Your Best Home Listening Environment

No matter how dedicated they may be, not all audiophiles have the time, budget or freedom to create a dedicated listening room--and your hi-fi might be set up in a multi-use living room shared with a number of other people and serving a number of other purposes. That doesn't mean you can't still enjoy great sound with a little effort, though! With these three simple steps, you'll be able to work with what you've got and build a deep soundscape that your whole family can enjoy.

Easy Ways of Increasing the Security of Your Glass Sliding Door

Glass sliding doors make a good statement about a home. The doors are beautiful and allow natural light into the house. However, you need to ask yourself how secure your home is whenever you install a glass sliding door. Here are simple ways you can secure your glass sliding door and keep burglars away. Put the Doors in Chains This refers to chain linking your door's handles. It would be excellent if you run a taut and a short chain to link each handle of a door that parts at the middle.

Home Security Tips: How to Select a Security Alarm

When it comes to your home, you want to try and protect the home and your family as much as possible. This often requires more than just a sturdy door and the best lock you can get. You might also want to get home security alarm systems. These are not only beneficial when you leave for vacation or take a long day trip, but also when you are sleeping at night and when your children are home alone after school.

Network Design in the Client's Perspective- Three Common Questions

As a network design specialist, there are several considerations you ought to make whenever contracted for a job by a client.  Several simplistic, yet very crucial factors, determine whether your client ends up satisfied with your perfectly executed, connected, and routed network or not. Every network design specialist should remember that not all clients are IT savvy individuals who will understand every component of the entire system and their exact purposes, or will dedicate a lot of time to understanding them.