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Brilliant Advances in Technology: A Tech Blog

How to Choose Headsets for Your Team When Only the Best Will Do

by Mario Carmona

No business can survive today unless its team members are good at communication. Your team may rely on making that initial contact over the phone and they must be highly trained in the art of closing, as they build rapport and cement those deals. However, you need to provide your people with the right equipment if they are to perform at their highest level, and no piece of gear is more important than their headset. If you're getting ready to buy some new products to crank your organisation up to the next level, what elements should you consider before you purchase?

Dealing with Noise

Your open plan office may not be quite as frenetic as a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street, but it may nevertheless be quite a noisy environment. Therefore, one of the key features of a new headset must be its noise cancelling ability. Of course, this helps the salesperson to focus more, but it also gives the person on the other end of the line a comfort factor. They're not going to be too happy, after all, if they need to keep repeating themselves, and they may think that their private conversation is being overheard if they can sense other conversations in the background.

Mobility and Flexibility

Some of your better sales people may like to get a bit animated when they are engaged in their art and some people perform better when they are on their feet to move around. In this case, you really should choose cordless headsets that are made with this amount of flexibility. Even if they remain resolutely seated in their chair, they may from time to time need to get up and move to a filing cabinet to retrieve some information. Your headsets need to be equipped with plugs that will instantly disconnect without drama, while keeping the call intact.

Health First

As you may know, this is a world that is controlled by health and safety directives. You may be required to conform with a rule that limits noise exposure for all of your employees. Consequently, you will need to ensure that your headsets are designed with this in mind, so that you not only protect these people but stay clear of any repercussions.

Security Considerations

Finally, consider your security if you do decide to get wireless headsets which feature Bluetooth technology. Some off-the-shelf systems may not be as safe as possible and if you're working with sensitive financial data, this may be a problem. Perhaps you should consider wireless headsets that feature digital encryption, just to be safe.

Revealing All Options

These are just some of the features you need to consider when choosing these crucial pieces of equipment. Talk with suppliers like Johesk Communications Pty Ltd for more information so that you are ready to purchase.