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Brilliant Advances in Technology: A Tech Blog

Easy Ways of Increasing the Security of Your Glass Sliding Door

by Mario Carmona

Glass sliding doors make a good statement about a home. The doors are beautiful and allow natural light into the house. However, you need to ask yourself how secure your home is whenever you install a glass sliding door. Here are simple ways you can secure your glass sliding door and keep burglars away.

Put the Doors in Chains

This refers to chain linking your door's handles. It would be excellent if you run a taut and a short chain to link each handle of a door that parts at the middle. The chain will lock the doors together and prevent a stranger from the outside from getting in completely, and thus add a layer of security to your glass sliding door. If your door only opens on one side, then you will have to drill an additional handle on the wall closest to the door so that the same chain method can apply.

Install Cylinder Guards Around Your Lock Cylinders

The lock cylinder is where you insert your key when opening the door. Criminals can sometimes damage or totally remove lock cylinders by prying, wrenching, or hammering. You can protect your lock cylinder with protective rings or metal guard plates on either side of your door. Installing guard plates with round-head carriage bolts is a good idea because the bolts will help the plates from being unscrewed. If your cylinders have free- spinning rings around it, then the rings will prevent anyone using a pipe wrench to twist out the cylinder to break into your house. Most locks come with free-spinning rings, but if your lock is missing them, then you can purchase them.

Have Your Home Alarm System Wired In

Ensure that your in-home alarm system has been wired to a contact on the glass sliding door. Alarm technicians can easily do the wiring when the sliding door is being installed. Whenever your sliding door is opened and you already have the alarm set, a warning will sound. In addition to the alarm system, you can install glass- break sensors just in case a burglar wants to smash your glass window. The glass- break sensor can be installed on the wall nearby or on the door.

Consider DIY Track Blocker

Most sliding doors that slide in a horizontal direction can be forced to open at the latch. You need to have a security mechanism that will prevent the doors from being slid open when a burglar unlocks it. You can place a solid wooden rod on the tracks of the sliding door to prevent the doors from sliding open.

For more information on making sliding security doors secure, talk to a professional.