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Brilliant Advances in Technology: A Tech Blog

Home Security Tips: How to Select a Security Alarm

by Mario Carmona

When it comes to your home, you want to try and protect the home and your family as much as possible. This often requires more than just a sturdy door and the best lock you can get. You might also want to get home security alarm systems. These are not only beneficial when you leave for vacation or take a long day trip, but also when you are sleeping at night and when your children are home alone after school. Here are some tips for selecting a good alarm system based on your needs and preferences.

Choose a Monitoring Method

The first thing you need to decide is exactly how you want the alarm system to be monitored. You have a few different options. The first is to choose an unmonitored system, which means the alarm company or authorities are only alerted if the alarm actually goes off, such as if someone is breaking into your home. If you want someone to be keeping an eye on your home at all times, you will choose 24-hour monitoring, which means the video cameras and sensors are always monitored by the alarm company. There are also wireless systems which you will monitor on your own, such as with a mobile device.

Decide on Special Features

When you know what types of monitoring you want, you can start looking into the different features of security alarm systems. You will find many standard features that most systems have and some of the more advanced and high-tech features. Standard features typically include the ability to program different alarm codes and change them routinely, as well as an audio alarm. Some alarm systems only go off when a window or door is opened without turning off the alarm, while others are more sensitive and have sensors around the perimeter of your home so you are alerted when anyone approaches your home.

There are also features like turning on lights when someone walks around the home, video monitoring through video cameras in different areas of your home, and remote access if you choose to monitor the alarm on your own.

Consider Home Automation

The newest home security alarm systems use home automation. This not only allows you remote access to the alarm and video cameras, but it allows you to control other things in your home. For example, you can turn lights on and off, turn off the television, or turn on the stereo system. If you're going to be late, but you don't want people to know you aren't home yet, you can turn on lights or the television from work so people think the home is occupied.