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Brilliant Advances in Technology: A Tech Blog

Commercial Security Systems: Do Surveillance Cameras Really Deter Burglars in Retail Stores?

by Mario Carmona

In today's age where all sorts of security systems with advanced technologies have emerged, it is overwhelming to choose the best equipment for your business. What's more, some security systems' capabilities may be exaggerated, and you may be left wondering whether to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on them. So, if you own a retail business, you may be wondering whether it is worth it to install surveillance cams as part of your security management. Do they deter burglars from stealing items or breaking into your store? Well, read on to find out what CCTVs can do for your business.

CCTVs do deter crime

The truth is, surveillance cameras are truly burglar-deterrent security systems. Their mere presence in a store can give someone cold feet when they intended to walk out with your merchandise. What's more, you don't only need CCTVs inside the store. By installing them in your parking lot and behind the building, you can keep away thieves who target your clients' vehicles or crawl up to your store's front door at night. Even if someone does perform a crime, a quality surveillance cam can capture their face, and this will make it easy for you to pursue them with the help of the authorities.

CCTVs provide push notifications

It would be almost useless to use surveillance cameras if you could not be immediately notified of a crime as it happened. Luckily, today's CCTVs have the push notification function. When installed together with other security systems such as floodlighting and motion sensors, they can detect an intruder in your property, especially during the night or when you are closed, and send a notification to your mobile device. This allows you to respond promptly to the crime. Even if the burglar leaves before you take action, the surveillance systems have storage and retrieval capabilities that enable you to replay old footage.

Surveillance curbs employee theft

When running a retail business, you have more to worry than just the burglars. Since you are not always in your store to monitor things, it is possible for employees to collude and steal money, merchandise or other valuables in the store. With surveillance, employee fraud is significantly minimised. Just make sure that you have cameras in the store, others mounted near the cashiers and others in sensitive rooms where money is kept or counted. This way, every worker will be accountable for their actions, and they hopefully won't risk being caught on the wrong side.

Contact a commercial electrician for surveillance system wiring and security lighting installation so that you can use the advanced equipment to deter crime in your business.