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Welcome to my technology blog. My name is Kat, and I have been an avid fan of technology for years. In my professional life, I am a restaurant owner, but I have dabbled in everything tech-related from building computers to online marketing to basic programming. In this space, I want to focus on brilliant innovations in technology. When I am not at the restaurant with my husband, you can find me curled up with my kids watching videos on their tablets, checking out new video games on our favourite consoles or other tech-related entertainment. Get comfortable, and explore these posts. I hope they inspire you to learn or do new things with technology.



Brilliant Advances in Technology: A Tech Blog


A Quick Buying Guide to Desktop Printers

Desktop printers are not all alike, and choosing one based on its price alone can be a mistake. You need to ensure that you buy a printer that will deliver the quality you need and which will work as quickly as you expect so that your productivity is not slowed down by a low-quality, cumbersome printer. Note a few things to keep in mind when you're ready to choose a desktop printer, for home or for the office.

Network Design in the Client's Perspective- Three Common Questions

As a network design specialist, there are several considerations you ought to make whenever contracted for a job by a client.  Several simplistic, yet very crucial factors, determine whether your client ends up satisfied with your perfectly executed, connected, and routed network or not. Every network design specialist should remember that not all clients are IT savvy individuals who will understand every component of the entire system and their exact purposes, or will dedicate a lot of time to understanding them.

How to Install Commercial Structured Cabling

Given the continuous growth of many businesses as well as the technological evolution that we have evidenced in commercial settings, most companies need structured cabling. Gone are the times in which we relied on telephone lines alone to operate a business. The arrival of other applications that integrate voice with graphics along with many other functions connected by a commercial structured data cabling system has change the way we do business.

The advantages of whiteboards

There are many advantages of whiteboards from companies like Vista Visuals Australia Pty Ltd, both for professional use and in your home. In schools, many teachers prefer whiteboards over blackboards for a number of reasons. Whiteboards make writing and erasing easy, without chalk dust and breaking crayons. If you want to get a whiteboard for your home or your office, you might want to know more specifics about whiteboards, other than that they're nice to write on.