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Brilliant Advances in Technology: A Tech Blog

The advantages of whiteboards

by Mario Carmona

There are many advantages of whiteboards from companies like Vista Visuals Australia Pty Ltd, both for professional use and in your home. In schools, many teachers prefer whiteboards over blackboards for a number of reasons. Whiteboards make writing and erasing easy, without chalk dust and breaking crayons. If you want to get a whiteboard for your home or your office, you might want to know more specifics about whiteboards, other than that they're nice to write on.

Environmental considerations

Whiteboards can either be made from plastic with a white overlay, or with a porcelain overlay on top of a steel core. The porcelain ones are a bit more expensive, but are a lot more durable to make up for it. Whiteboards made of steel and porcelain can withstand substantial use and wear, which means you're sparing the environment a lot of trouble by not putting it in the trash after just a couple of years. More environmental concern can be put into the markers. The solution to make the markers as environmentally friendly as possible is to not throw them out until they are completely used up. One marker, especially if you're not using it as extensively as a teacher would, will last for a long time. The environmental damage is thus possible to overlook.

Durable and with more than one use

The main advantage that whiteboards have is that they are durable. They are not very prone to become dented or scratched. Since you are also using soft markers, writing on them won't cause any substantial wear. Using a whiteboard in your home or office is a sustainable, long-lasting solution for your writing needs. They won't get cloudy over time as you use them. In an office environment you can also use your whiteboard as a screen for your projector, which has the advantage that you can also write on the images as they are projected onto the whiteboard.

Different variations

For using at home or in your office, whiteboards often come in many different variations. You can order them as small or large as you wish; it doesn't matter if you just want a board to put on your refrigerator or a board to cover most of the wall in your office. You can also combine them with a pin board to help you with all your office related needs. There are also magnetic whiteboards, whiteboards more suitable to co-operate with a projector and whiteboards with pre-drawn patterns if you want to use them for drawing graphs or lists.