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Brilliant Advances in Technology: A Tech Blog

Top Reasons to Switch Your Business to VoIP Telephony

by Mario Carmona

If you are looking to install a phone service for your business, you may be gravitating toward traditional landlines as a cost-efficient solution. However, in this digital age where fast and seamless communication is critical for business growth, VoIP telephony may be a more suitable alternative for your needs. Some business owners may shy away from fibre optic cabling that is required or VoIP telephony due to the premium price, but the truth is you will be making significant savings on various aspects of your business, which makes this a profitable alternative. The following article highlights the top reasons why your business should switch to VoIP telephony.

VoIP telephony offers enhanced flexibility

There are numerous ways that a VoIP phone service would be a much more flexible alternative to conventional landlines. To begin with, the installation of the VoIP systems is much more hassle-free than traditional communication systems. As long as internet connectivity has been established on your premises, all the contractors would have to do is install the hardware at the various locations in your office that you require phone services. The second way you would enjoy enhanced flexibility is through versatile use. While conventional phone systems limit your communication to landlines, VoIP systems allow you to communicate through an array of platforms such as your laptop, smartphones, tablets and any other wireless-enabled device.

VoIP telephony allows for video conferencing

Another significant advantage of switching to a VoIP communication system is the ability to integrate video conferencing into your business. When having the VoIP service installed in your office premises, you can inquire from your providers about video conferencing capabilities. The providers would then accord you (at a price of course) with the appropriate software to suit these needs. Video conferencing can make your business more streamlined, as you no longer would have to waste time commuting from one office building to another to have a meeting with stakeholders. You have the chance to connect multiple people on the line and carry on with your session as if you are all present. Secondly, video conferencing gives you the opportunity to stream high definition videos presentations, complete with audio too!

VoIP telephony offers unmatched stability

Despite landlines being a stale in business premises, they still are prone to succumbing to static and broken connections. These flaws can be quite frustrating, mainly if you are trying to secure new business or are dealing with disgruntled clients. Since VoIP telephony uses high-speed internet, the connection is tremendously stable. Thus, you can have the utmost confidence in your communication systems.