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Brilliant Advances in Technology: A Tech Blog

Why Should You Make Dedicated Sales Landing Pages a Part of Your Website

by Mario Carmona

If you want to enhance your digital marketing and generate plenty of sales, it almost always helps to use dedicated landing pages. These are still a part of your website, except they can only be navigated to from a link. That link is usually embedded within an email, although it may be contained in a social media post or pay-per-click ad. It's also common for landing pages to strip away most of the typical website navigation, instead presenting one page containing all the information required to get your visitors to take a certain action.

So, why should you use dedicated landing pages instead of typical onsite sales pages?

Landing pages perform a specific function

When people land on your website's homepage, you generally want them to end up navigating somewhere else, perhaps to read your blog or to get in touch via your contact page. Landing pages perform a more specialized role that makes them ideal as sales pages. Whatever deal, product, or service you're offering, the sales page can be written entirely around that, with an appropriate call to action at the end.

Let's say you send out an email about a new service. If you link straight to your current services page, the visitor may have to look through everything to see what you're talking about. If you instead link to a landing page, everything can be tailored around your specific message, from the new service you're offering to the medium by which it was transmitted.

Landing page performance is easy to track

You'll probably already know how important it is to track and analyse how people interact with your digital marketing efforts – it's a vital step towards understanding how you can improve your reach and get more people biting. Landing pages are excellent in this regard since you can keep adjusting the page around your findings without changing your actual website. It's also a lot easier to track why people are making their decisions if you have a single landing page working towards one specific goal.

Landing pages are great for offers

Finally, landing pages are a fantastic way to provide offers. Let's say you have 5,000 subscribers, and you want to offer them a special deal, such as a bundle of popular products at a reduced price. With separate sales pages, you can create a whole landing page built around that offer, and it'll only be accessible to people that you've emailed.